Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HI-I: Mind Your Head 12" EP

Well, I am back from my 3 1/2 week-long vacation to the Benelux region. The lands of beer, clogs, fritz, waffles, tulips, red light districts, chocolates, and *ahem* coffeeshops also had many, many great record stores. I probably have permanent damage to my back now, but it's worth it to bring back some excellent records! Such as This one here. It's a 5-song EP from a Dutch group called "Hi-I". The group uses two female vocalists and an extra percussionist along with the standard bass/guitar/drums for some excellent dark post punk. It's a little bit Siouxsie, a little bit The Veil, a bit of Cocteau Twins, and a smidgen of Skeletal Family. Dark, gloomy, and pretty much unknown! This one is highly recommended; I enjoy it more and more each time I listen to it. I see there is a copy available on gemm.com for cheap... Will anybody like this enough to buy it?

Hi-I: Mind Your Head EP
1986, Square Music

A1 Mind Your Head
A2 Nobody KNows
B1 Look Back
B2 Smile
B3 Illusions

Click here to download this record!


Fritz die Spinne said...

Welcome back!

I am really enjoying this record!

Thx for the share, as usual!


Anonymous said...

This is quite good. Thanks for having such an amazing blog.

Mael3rd said...


Thanks for this great blog :)
One of the 2 female singers from Hi-I sounds just like the singer from the great Astaron dutch band, a 5girls post punk band.
The music doesnt sound similar though, but wow, it got to be the same singers.

Anonymous said...

Please can you reupload it?

www.vbarcelone.com said...

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