Thursday, April 30, 2009

B.TROOP: Europeans LP

Here is the only LP from the UK electro-pop band B.Troop. This UK band released a couple 7"s before they issued this full-length in 1981 on Illuminated Records. This is ridiculously infectious synthpop, with drum machines, sax, bubbly synthesizers, and catchy hooks and choruses throughout the album. It's perhaps a mix of Human League and Teardrop Explodes. It's a very underrated album, so give it a chance!

B.Troop: Europeans LP
1981, Illuminated Records
A1 Not Coming Back
A2 Europe
A3 New Human
A4 Fade Away
A5 Emotional Assassin
A6 Satellites
B1 Computer Logic
B2 Strange Time
B3 Yvette
B4 Just Because
B5 Espionage A Gogo
B6 Killing Conversation

Click here to download this record!


Josef said...

Hi there!

It seems like mediafire has removed the file, or is it something crappy at my end?

Anonymous said...

Could you pleeease repost this???

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, it wasnt working for me earlier. Now it is, weird...

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Unknown said...

My dad was in this band. Great to see people still love it today