Sunday, December 14, 2008

RITUALS INTO THE FIRE: Journey Through Darkness, Searching for the Sky LP

Here is another pretty much unknown LP from a guy named Steve Snow who went under the name Rituals Into the Fire. I've seen this on eBay before, but I've never seen it shared anywhere, so I thought "what the hell, why not let others hear it?". This is a strange synth LP that straddles the lines between darkwave, goth, ambient synth, and new age (no joke). It's dark and synth heavy, with pianos and violins and some pretty gloomy vocals. I actually think it's pretty beautiful, and well worth a listen, and if the "new age" thing throws you off, you'll almost certainly enjoy the song "Gift of Time", a slow, very gloomy darkwave masterpiece with electronics and violins and melancholy vocals galore. Don't be afraid... download this now and enjoy!

Rituals Into the Fire: Journey Through Darkness, Searching for the Sky
1988 Foreign Art Records
1. Journey Through Darkness, Searching for the Sky
2. Before the Rain
3. Gift of Time
4. Upon the Mountains and the Stone
5. Seeking Shelter From the Rain
6. Dans La Pluie

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TWO: Deaming Spires LP

Well, Phoenix Hairpins just uploaded the final 12" from this band, and I've been meaning to share this LP for quite a while, so what better time than now? I found this years ago in the $1 bin at Amoeba in SF, filed in the "D" section (for "Dreaming Spires" I suppose), and it's been a consistent favorite. There are some pops as clearance records sometimes have, but it's not bad. This was a male-female synth duo (Gill and Iain - who, I might add, are both quite attractive and hip-looking. I mean, Gill looks like pretty much half the girls I've dated in the past 5 years, and Iain looks like a skinny hip SF Mission District kid. How's that for useless information?) They were from a small town near London. This LP is pretty experimental, especially on the 15-minute "It Won't Work". This was released on Future Records, the new wave/synthpop/post punk offshoot of the punk label No Future. I think this record uses almost all electronics and bass, which is always a great combination that makes for some dark, dark music. Anyway... enjoy!

TWO: Dreaming Spires
1983 Future Records, FL 3
1. Picture Frame
2. Waiting
3. Regime
4. Architecture
5. Pale Yellow
6. End
7. It Won't Work

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I am back!

Yep. I'm back after a bit of a hiatus. The loss by Zshare of all my files kinda made me give up on this blog for a little while, as well as the fact that I'm busy with a new job, but I hope to begin uploading things regularly again. I also plan to re-upload all the lost files in the next few weeks.