Friday, April 17, 2009

To Heaven a Jet/Revox Cadets split 7"

This week I have three synth-heavy records to share. To get things started, here is a 7" released on Bill Nelson's Cocteau Records. It's a split between two bands, and I believe these may be the only songs they officially released. I know that the To Heaven a Jet song was later rereleased on a Cocteau Records comp, and the Revox Cadets song appears on one of the many New Wave Complex cd-rs. David, the singer/songwriter of To Heaven a Jet, informed me that Revox Cadets was actually just Bill Nelson himself, under a pseudonym. After To Heaven a Jet disbanded, David went on to be in groups like The Rain Poets and Big Man Aviators.

To Heaven a Jet/Revox Cadets split 7"
1981, Cocteau Records
A To Heaven A Jet: Airfields
B Revox Cadets: Tony Goes To Tokyo (And Rides The Bullet Train)

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Anonymous said...

There is another track by To Heaven A Jet off a compilation LP called "New Belief In Old Cities"