Tuesday, April 7, 2009

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Nuit Blanche LP + ASHES: Saturn is Black 7"

I suppose that most people are familiar with this excellent compilation, Nuit Blanche. The LP features groups likie Diseno Corbusier (whose debut EP Perfido Encanto I shared last year)., Design (who also had a track on the Topless Game comp and a 7" on Anna Logue Records... the track here has yet to be reissued), The Ashes (who also had a 7" on KPs Records, the label that released Topless Game and Nuit Blanche), and unknown bands like the excellent Paris-Brule-T-Il?. This is a highly sought-after and very recommended LP with loads of killer songs. Most of the songs are in the synthpop/minimal wave/post punk vein, although there is a suprisingly pleasant classical guitar instrumental to end the record.

Also shared here is the aforementioned Ashes "Saturn is Black" 7", about which I can find absolutely no mention on the internet. It was released in 1984 on KPs Records... does anybody know if this label released anything else?

Various Artists: Nuit Blanche LP
1984, KPs Records

A1 Design Sunset Boulevard
A2 Halloween (2) Tomorrow
A3 Ashes, The Delay
A4 Chrome 17 Etcetera
A5 DiseƱo Corbusier Chiquillo
B1 Faits Divers This Is A Romance
B2 Duty Free (2) Burning Passion
B3 Paris-Brule-T-Il? La Logeuse
B4 Croth Daily News
B5 Central Park (5) Anas De Lin

Click here to download the record!

Ashes: Saturn is Black 7"
1984, KPs Records

A1 Saturn is Black
B1 Run Away of Love

Click here to download the 7".


anthony said...

Hello, thanks a lot for posting the Nuit Blanche Comp, it is excellent, especially Design and The Ashes, much appreciated,

Curious Guy said...

Thanks alot for these! I think there were only 3 releases on KP's Records. Well I could only track these while searching the net.

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