Friday, March 6, 2009

EVERYTHING is working!

I have now reuploaded ALL records, so all the links should be fine! 
And since I'll be travelling for the rest of the month, I uploaded a month's worth of posts. Enjoy!


bX-59cppw said...

Hopefully this was still in your wantlist...
And once again,deeply thanks for everything you've posted... ;-)

goutroy said...

Thanks so much! It was indeed still in my wantlist!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great music, goutroy! I've found some of my favorite new music on your blog, Mutant Sounds and Phoenix Hairpins. I especially like Ju Ju, Auscult, Warning, South of No North, Jacula, Famlende Forsøk, Fra Lippo Lippi and the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

A grain of appreciation, the South Of No North S/T album from 1989.

Sha La La is one of their best songs.

" And now, and now i wonder if you
if you'll ever be mine
and if you will come back
and stay a little more
oh just knock at my door
you must stay mine forever
and never never never leave me
you've got to be here
and when you will be mine
you'll love me, you'll love me as you did
nothing matters than this
you will stay here forever"

Thanks for your great [GREAT] music.

Billy, Greece

Anonymous said...

Do you have the noyes brothers LP that was posted on mutant sound. The link is expired there.


Anonymous said...

Thank You! Thank You! You're awesome!

Fantasmi said...

Thanks for the link.. I LOVE this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I discovered you via Mutant Sounds and it's wonderful to see all of these 80 rarities.

On another note, Your re-ups for parchment prayer (what a great name for a band) and Bonds of Joy won't open. I get the following: "an error 1 - operation not permitted." The European Boys and Capital Punishment re-ups are fine.

I like the ego loop album. The title, nothingness, is so uplifting. I'll need to listen a few more times for the music to cohere.

Now that you've been nominated for a Premio Dardos award, I'm looking forward to your your nominations.

Anonymous said...

i really appreciate your work - thanks man

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KUNST AM BAU said...

Thank you for the links and this wonderful blog...

Vanilla Face said...

Love your blog, I'm semi-starting one myself, probably a bit more half-assed... but I posted 2 items from your wantlist. Hopefully you're still looking for them.