Friday, March 6, 2009

Intimate Obsessions: Erubus to Hades mLP

Here is an obscure early Third Mind Records release, from a UK band called Intimate Obsessions. Mixing darkwave, industrial, and post punk, these guys helped, in their small way, in creating the typical Third Mind Records "sound". Dark, moody, spooky, and very synth-heavy, this is a true gem that deserves to be heard. And just try to listen to "Assassin" and NOT bob your head and start singing along. With samples from Kennedy's Assassination, a driving bassline, and a chorus that will make you pump your fist in the air, it should have been a hit...

Intimate Obsessions: Erubus to Hades mLP
1985, Third Mind Records
A1 A State Of Mind
A2 Death Con
A3 Erebus To Hades
B1 Assassin
B2 Andante Con Moto


Anonymous said...

So nice ! many thanks anybody have the 12" Intimate Obsessions - Assassin.
That will be so cool


Fritz die Spinne said...

Hey--you've been busy! Thanks for the shares.

I am posting some again, slowly.... said...

This can't actually work, I suppose like this.