Friday, March 6, 2009

Moev: Cracked Mirror EP & Rotting Geraniums EP

For those not in the know, Moev were a synthpop band from Vancouver, Canada. They released most of their material on Nettwerk Records. They were a good synthpop band, but I am mostly a fan of their very early work. The material here predates even their Zimmerkampf LP and their "Early Years" CD. Their first two EPs, shared here, are minimal electro-pop with their original girl singer. The "Cracked Mirror" EP, their self-released debut, is sometimes so minimal that it sometimes borders on fragile. They find a bit of a backbone with the excellent "Rotting Geraniums" EP, which starts out with one of the truly great synth basslines, and even has a rerecorded version of the song Cracked Mirror. These are highly recommended. Download them if you haven't heard them yet!

Moev: Cracked Mirror
1981, Noetix Records
A1 Cracked Mirror
A2 2.3
B1 Obituary Column
B2 M.T. M.T. N.M.E

Moev: Rotting Geraniums
1982, Go! Records
A Rotting Geraniums (4:51)
B1 Cracked Mirror (5:48)
B2 Sunday Crisis (5:23)


litlgrey said...

I used to have the "Rotting Geraniums" EP and the blue LP that went with it. Got them for, like, mad cheap at St. Marks Sounds. Horribly dated musical approach now, but I really liked them. Once they switched to Nettwerk later on, and got all slick, I found them unbearable. Plus they didn't have that singer anymore.


these two are fantastic thanks!!!

please take a peak at my blog
possible link exchage ?

im in oakland. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I'm loving Geraniums and cracked mirror most. Great finds thanks for gioving the world a chance to hear them!

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