Saturday, February 28, 2009

Perfect Vision: Tongues Out mLP

Okay, I just want to say this right away: If anyone has anything else from Perfect Vision (especially their demo tape release), I would be eternally grateful if you would share it. Now that that's out of the way, I just want to give a quick intro to this UK band. They were one of the many excellent bands on the Backs label (Venus in Furs, Testcard F, Gee Mr Tracy, Gothic Girls, etc). They played bouncy, somewhat dark electro - in my mind, a perfect mix of electronics and guitar-based post punk. Some of these songs are truly ahead of their time, and this record has aged better than 99% of records from the mid-80s. Hole in the Soul is a great danceable guitar-based track, and the next song Scratch & Howl comes out of the gates with an immediate electro beat that gets darker and darker. THe throbbing electronic "Engines" should please the minimal synth fans, and "Kick" has one hell of a great danceable synth line... Just download this one already!

Perfect Vision: Tongues Out mLP
1985, Backs Records
A1 Hole In The Soul
A2 Scratch & Howl
A3 Engines
B1 Kick
B2 Impossible Blue
B3 Damnation
B4 ...Like Engines


Anonymous said...

This didn't unzip for me using WinRAR. The message was an unknown file or damaged.


Anonymous said...

Worked like a charm the second time I downloaded it. Sorry!


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What a great band, I just recently listened to them, they are quite good and the drummer makes some excellent rhythms.


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Excellent, I love this kind of music... I've got the last disc and it's my favorite album, I think you should add something else about the punk genre, specially if we're talking about danceable music. 23jj

Stathis said...


the link is dead.
Can you, please, re-post it?

Efstathiou Stathis