Friday, February 6, 2009

Sky's Above: Only I 12"

Here is an obscure and rare 12" from a Danish band called Sky's Above. I acquired this in a trade several years ago and forgot I had it until recently. There are two synthpop/minimal wave songs here. Both are very melodic, although brevity was obviously not this band's strong point, as each song is 8+ minutes. Still, I suppose you get your money's worth that way.

Sky's Above: Only I 12"
1985, Not Just for Dancing Records

1. Only I
2. Heart Touch

Click here to download the record!


Anonymous said...

This is ... not exactly great, but very likeable. The melodies and singing sound very early-1980's, alas the sounds especially of the drum machine do not. Still I like it due to the desperate singer and its radio-unfriendliness (is that a word in English?).

Anonymous said...

Do you have some names of the persons who made this? - i cant really find any info about this danish band anywhere and i can't se the small letters on the back cover :/

Jesper H Christiansen said...
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Jesper H Christiansen said...

I simply needed to listen to these songs couple of times... Very strange to hear it again after these years. I thought I sang better... :D

Haven't heard them for about 10 years I guess. I lost my copy quiet early and never got at new one before they all were gone.

Which is reminding me that I have some quiet well done tapes from rehearsal (if I remember right) that are good too. But on cassette tapes.

Anyway: For those who's interested whatever happened here's a video some years later (1991). more in direction of pop but still very young:

Steen Stuhr said...

I acturaly boart this one in a shop called Music Mekka, back in 1985 and it's still one of my dearest records. The band was a trio, from Odense band members: Jesper Dodo, Dorte Bay Madsen, Morten Hedemann Thompsen. The record was recorded in "Backstage Studio" in Odense. said...

It won't really have effect, I think this way.

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