Friday, February 6, 2009

Benelux Bound...

A slight deviation here... I will be traveling with a friend to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg in March (from the 10th to the 31st). We don't have an itinerary yet, so we want to find some fun stuff to do. We're researching possible things to do right now, but can always use other suggestions. Does anyone who reads this know of any:
* Good shows in any of those countries during that time? Anything goth, synthpop, indie, etc... I'm probably going to see Echo West on Mar 28 in Arnhem.
* Good record stores to check out?
* Parties, clubs, etc - post punk, new wave, minimal wave, goth, electro, indie... anything is good!
* Other suggestions or places to check out?

Thanks for any help!


Anonymous said...

Hello, here a few tips;
The best record store in the south of Holland.
Nice venue in Eindhoven NL
Ejnoy your stay!
Johan NL
O, and thanks for all the good music.

Anonymous said...

Hi. You can try to meet some rare and good stuff from new wave belgian acts like Won Ton Ton (and related works - Chow Chow and Bea Van Der Maat solo career), Dirk Blanchard, Mensen Blaffen, A Noh Rodeo, Kamagurka, and others "The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives" 80's bands...
I don't know if you like these artists, but I do, and I think very difficult to met...
Who knows you do?
Great Trip!!