Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Various Artists: Second Strike LP

By request from a couple people, here is the rare "Second Strike" LP from Turnabout Tapes. True to its name, this was mainly a tape label, but they released a couple records, including this rarity. It's the follow-up to a tape called The First Strike, which was the first release the label put out. This record was released in 1988 and limited to 867 copies (because 868 copies would have been simply too many). The music ranges from experimental to new wave, electronic, minimal wave, and industrial. The Oltre La Morte and Gundel tracks are my favorite songs here. This is very much in the vein of records that get posted to the Mutant Sounds blog, so if you're a fan of the music they share, you should appreciate this too.

Various Artists: Second Strike LP
1988, Turnabout Tapes

A1 Children Hospital Research Foundation - High Altitude Low Opening (Methodith Epithcopal God Damned Ith)
A2 Spalanzanis Töchter - Ass-ass-in
A3 Oltre La Morte - Aria Azure
A4 Seventh Day - New Wave 4'30
A5 Dino Oon - Grutinas' Ricecake
A6 Eiterschlangen - Ulmer Höh'
B1 Konrad Kraft - Don't Walk On The 5th Avenue It Could Be A Hamburger
B2 Work-Shy Brothers - In The Eye Of A Hurricane
B3 Gundel - Warum Ein Herz Zerbricht
B4 Phase Pervers - Hingabe (Janina T.)
B5 Alimentaire S.A. - Daily Dependence
B6 Temps Perdu? - Seele Spricht
B7 Spalanzanis Töchter - Ihr Kopf

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much! said...

Gosh, there's a lot of helpful information above!

Fred said...

This is some amazing compilation. Great stuff as usual in your blog postings. The calmer tracks on this one are also quite nice to listen to.

May I ask if you have any idea to get a grip on more tracks of "oltre la morte" ? Ive seen on discogs that they appeared on some other cassettes compilations, like the first strike, and the second strike (as a cassette, with a differen track than on the LP) ... well you probably know all this already.

Cheers a million again.