Friday, March 6, 2009

Noh Mask: Oriented LP & Gaijin 7"

Because you've always wanted to hear a Belgian synthpop band's homage to Japan, I present Noh Mask to you. This was  a duo of Michel Silverstein and Jo Lemaire, who was in Belgian bands like The Names and Digital Dance. While an electronic concept album about Japanese culture could go quite wrong, these guys were obiously pros, as this album somehow effortlessly mixes synthpop, minimal electronics, and even a bit of industrial together with quite distict vocals. Almost every song is a winner here - New Horizons is a killer electropop song with a driving beat and bassline, Twilight in Tokyo is a bit industrial and dark, and the B side to the Giajin 7", Change of Roles, is a synthpop gem. Get this one; you will be pleasantly surprised!

Noh Mask: Oriented LP & Gaijin 7"
1984, Himalaya Records
LP tracks:
A1 Call From The Orient (4:51)
A2 Gaijin (4:35)
A3 Dancing With My Shadow (3:40)
A4 Maiko Girl (6:08)
B1 Empire Of The Signs (4:17)
B2 Twilight In Tokyo (5:59)
B3 New Horizons (6:32)
B4 Blossoming Port
B5 Dreams Of Youth (0:33)
7" tracks:
A Gaijin
B Change Of Roles


Anonymous said...

OH YEAH!! I have both of these records on vinyl, the Noh Mask guys were great. Do you know if the 12" versions of Gaijin and Change of Roles are different from the 7"? thanks for sharing these records, let's hope more people like this overlooked but excellent music

goutroy said...

I'm not sure.. I've never heard the 12", unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Another thing, the vocalist was Bernard Draden (Dradin?), he also sung "Cabs Ambush" by Kid Montana and was in a early line-up of Polyphonic Size.

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