Friday, March 6, 2009

Steve Miro: Trilemna LP

Mutant Sounds shared most of Steve Miro's work waaaaay back in 2007, but I don't think that this was ever posted. It's the rare "Trilemna" LP - his solo work, after he dissolved Steve Miro and the Eyes. It's a mix of new wave, synthpop, art rock, and lo-fi indie. There are some great melodies, loads of synths, and hooks galore. The song "Cameo" is a perfect mix of all these elements. Steve Miro should have been bigger, and this release in particular seems to have been neglected. Also, it was the first release on Glaze Recordings, which also released the mini-LP from League of Nations...
Steve Miro: Trilemna LP
1984, Glaze Recordings
A1 Hip Movies
A2 Cameo
A3 Lyndy Gone Dunb
A4 No Sense At All
A5 Pretend To Forget
B1 Mary Mary
B2 Barren Histories


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