Sunday, September 6, 2009

KNIGHTKLUB: Mixed Emotions LP

Well, I am back, and I've found quite a few rarities recently, so I figured I would share some!
Here is an obscurity from a US band called Knightklub. This LP was self-released on their own KnightKlub label, and as far as I know it is the only thing they ever released. Two members played synths, one played percussion and drum programs, and one played guitar. The music can range into kinda cheesy light pop fare on a couple songs, but for the most part this is great electronic new wave with a bit of silliness (especially on "Godzilla Apporaches Tokyo), reminding one of bands like You, Nullset, Null and Void, and Units.

Knightklub - Mixed Emotions LP
1984, Knightklub Records
I've Got My Heart on Right
All You Want is Her Body
The Tables Have Been Turned
Godzilla Approaches Tokyo
The Haunting for K
These Three Years
Talking That Terminal Jive
I'm Unwinding
Glad for Mom

Click here to download this record!


emerson said...

Welcome back. Thanks for the stuff. I'll listen and see if it's worth my hard-earned FREE!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with this album; I used to know the guys in the band. They were based out of the Chicago suburbs and had a fun live show. I'm surprised you've come across this record. It's pretty obscure and I don't think it was ever sold in music shops. It was more a "sell out of the trunk of your car after a gig" form of marketing.

Anonymous said...

Recorded in 1984 at Sunset Recording.
RKj- Vocals, keyboards
Markee Dark Moon- Drums, drum programming
Tommy Rot- Keyboards
Steve Dollinger- Guitar

richard knight, jr. said...

thanks so much for taking such a close listen to our one and only release under the name knightklub. this was my group and though we no longer record together, we're still very close friends. we started as the radio lad organization -- a group of eight musicians in 1983, became radio lads in 1984 (down to four members), changed that to knightklub in 1984, and when we entered our final phase (our most artistically satisfying, i might add) in 1987, became cries in whispers. we had two subsequent releases under that last group name -- an eponymous release in 1987 and "night of the hunter" in 1989 -- the latter inspired by the 1955 film by charles laughton. we played our last live show in 1991. here's a link to a chicago tribune article from 1992 when i embarked on a bit of a solo career. in 1994 i again started a band -- samba bamba -- a group that still plays on occasion but is very different from the music we created in the 1980s!