Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Q - Cine De Miedo EP & Justine - Amor Acuatico EP

It seems like Spain is terribly underrated when it comes to synthpop and new wave music. I mean, El Aviador Dro is great; Diseno Corbusier is good, but more experimental, and Cetu Javu have a Spanish-sounding name but are actually from Germany, so they don't count. But there ARE gems out there, as evidenced by these
great rarities by Q (also known as Grupo Q) and Justine. And while these two groups share the same primary songwriter, Fernando Carmona, and released records on the same private label (Panoleta Records) and basically sound the same (except Justine has female vocals), they do a great job at lending some true legitamacy to Spain's ostensibly lacking synthpop/minimal synth legacy. Just one listen to Q's synthpop perfection of "Nada Nos Parara" or Justine's slightly dark and Neon-esque Amor Acuatico or ridiculously catchy and fun (if slightly cheesy at times) E.E.U.U.R.S.S. will confirm that these
releases deserve some true respect.

Q: Cine De Miedo EP
1984, Panoleta Records
A1 Cine De Miedo (3:50)
A2 Nada Nos Parará (2:18)
B1 Déjame Ahora Dormir (4:56)
B2 Muñeca Cibernética (4:07)

Download the Q EP here!

Justine: Amor Acuatico EP
1986, Panoleta Records
A1 Amor Acuático (3:48)
A2 Hipnotismo (4:52)
B1 Hoy Me Sobrevienen Cosas Extrañas (3:07)
B2 E.E.U.U.R.S.S. (4:19)

Download the Justine EP here!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! It's like rummaging through my older siblings closets full of piles of 1980s refuse.

Vanilla Face said...

I really like "E.E.U.U.R.S.S.". Listen to Arnaud Lazlaud's "Allumeuses S", it definitely has some similarities.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, and so catchy :D
Btw you don't happen to have the very rare Radar LP

...Have only heard one track from it, and it sounded really cool :)

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By the way early synthpop pioneers included Japanese group Yellow Magic Orchestra and British bands Ultravox and the Human League; the latter largely used monophonic synthesizers to produce music with a simple and austere sound

Fernan Grupo Q said...

Thanks for your comments about my works! A Grupo Q' LP is comming soon ;)
Fall 2012?
Fernando Carmona

Megadrider said...

Hola me encanta Grupo Q. A ver si editas un nuevo disco :-D

Otros grupos de interés de tecno pop español:
Azul Y Negro : The Night-La Noche 12"
La Mode: Enfermera de Noche.
Video: Victimas del Desamor
CasaL: Embrujada
Luna: Mi Verdad.

Anonymous said...