Friday, March 6, 2009

Wombat Suicide: Selftitled EP

Here is an obscure EP from a San Jose, CA band called Wombat Suicide. Not much is known about this band. I believe this is their only recorded work. They played a mix of synthpop and dark post punk. They were a pretty synth-heavy band, and the song "Kissing the King's Feet" is pretty much all electronics and vocals that sound like a poetry recitation. Other songs, like Just Working or No One Cares, are a bit arty and sound a bit similar to the LA synth-goth-art punk band Bay of Pigs. It's a bit of a mysterious EP, and definitely worth a listen.

Wombat Suicide: Selftitled EP
1984, Blue Cloud Records
A1 Just Working
A2 Divide & Conquer
B1 No One Cares
B2 Alternative
B3 Kissing the King's Feet


deadangryjerk said...

Good post...I'd like to hear some Bay of Pigs...who are they?

originalpc said...

The original members were: Jeff Wilkins - vocals, Dennis Decker - drums and machine, Mark Gormley - synths, Tommy King - bass and synths and Paul Cross - guitars. Tommy and Paul came from the Calm. Jeff, Dennis and Mark came from Orange Curtain.

Wailwulf said...

I acquired this album back sometime between 1983 and the summer of 1985. The interesting thing of the album is that it is a LP, but plays at 45 rpm, yet I really enjoy listening to Kissing the Kings Feet at 33 rpm, the electric guitar takes on a wonderful quality at that playback speed. said...

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