Friday, March 6, 2009

Þeyr: As Above LP & Fourth Reich 12"

Here are two releases from the kings of Iceland's post punk scene. Þeyr  featured future members of Kukl and Sugarcubes, and they were also famous for working with Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke when he retreated to Iceland to avoid the coming Armageddon. Turns out Jaz was a bit off the mark, there. Killing Joke's influence is all over these releases, especially the very rare "Fourth Reich" 12". Most of their material has never been reissued, as the master tapes were destroyed, but not by Armageddon (probably). There was a CD of some of their material released in 2001, but that was the only time any sot of reissue was produced (and possibly not officially, either). Anyway, this is classic, and if you don't have it yet, download it now...

Þeyr: As Above LP
1982, Shout Records
A1 Homo Gestalt (3:31)
A2 Killer Boogie (2:58)
A3 Dead/Undead (3:22)
A4 Wolf (2:51)
A5 Technologos (1:58)
A6 Poème (2:48)
B1 Current (3:21)
B2 Rúdolf (2:49)
B3 Are You Still There? (3:08)
B4 Enough (2:23)
B5 Shout (3:00)
B6 Mjötviður (2:55)

Theyr: Fourth Reich EP
1982, Shout Records
A1 Public (3:25)
A2 Metamorphosis (3:43)
B1 Zen (3:42)
B2 Blood (3:00)


Unknown said...

Thank you for your effort. However, the tracks on the As Above download are not those, but of "Mjötviður Mær".

The covers are very similar.

Mjötviður was an Iceland only release, while As Above was meant as a compilation or a best of.

If you have As Above I would be thrilled, even more if you have the "Lunaire" single, as these are the only ones missing from my collection of my all time favorite band.

Unknown said...

Find more Þeyr in my mp3blog and forum searches:


uberbelly said...

OMG! I can't believe I found this on this blog...I've been looking for over 20've made my day for sure mate!

to say thanks here's a link to an album called 'Geyser' Icelandic compilation on Gramm records.

thanks again,

uberbelly said...

anybody have any idea where I can find Purrkurr Pillnikk?

would be greatly appreciated.


posicionamiento web said...

Little doubt, the dude is completely just.

richieboy said...

Ohhhhh noooo, the link in not available...I just listen the song Rudolf on youtube, I neeeeeed that perfect song....Can you update this links again friend?
I will appreciate it for sure!