Thursday, September 18, 2008

Insulin Reaction: What's the Point LP & Witchfinder General 7"

Here are the two releases from the band Insulin Reaction: their debut 7", and their 1988 LP. Both are pretty obscure, and the LP can be found for quite cheap (like, $5 or so) on or ebay occasionally, which is a nice relief. This group is notable for including two ex-members of dark punk band Peace Corpse (Tracy Lee Garcia and Julianna Towns). Unlike Peace Corpse, Insulin Reaction is dark post punk very much in the Cure vein. What I find most interesting about the band is that they use no guitar - they have two bassists, a drummer, and a keyboardist. With two basses, the songs have a dark, ominous quality to them with very few bright, treblous noises appearing. The only problem is that the combination of dual basses and low production costs cause an extremely murky sound on the 7"; thankfully this was corrected for the LP. The LP is quite good; although many of the songs sound a bit similar, there are some classics, especially Darkzone and Secrets. Anyway, enough jabbering, you probably want to download the records. Do so here:

Insulin Reaction: Witchfinder General 7"
1987 Icon Records
1. Witchfinder General
2. Ride to Forever

Insulin Reaction: What's the Point LP
1988 Bobok Records, Ltd.
1. Lonely Lady
2. Reconstruction
3. Want
4. New Way
5. Darkzone
6. Factory
7. Blacksuit Man
8. Difference
9. Machine
10. Crossfure
11. Secrets
12. Cannibals

Download the LP and 7" here!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to this great band! Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Most of your mp3s on zshare are down ... could you pls fix them?

Anonymous said...

The links in this post don't work, can you fix them? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

where did U get that line up!!! it was tracey,angie and scott masuda! ., they are personal friends of mine 27+yrs....

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both cd's cover are soo creepy, well maybe the one with the arrows is not soo creepy, but the other one does, but left this fact the music is different, I like it.

oldskool said...

Two basses and a very special voice make up for a truly unique sound! The songs are great either. To me, they are very "early 80s" which is a good thing. Thank you!

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