Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Men on the Sun (aka Abecedarians): Selftitled CD

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Los Angeles band Abecedarians? No? Well, be prepared to find out, regardless. They broke up in the late 80s after some classic post punk albums and singles on Factory Records, Independent Projects, and their own Southwest Audio Reproductions. But in 1995, Abecedarians essentially reunited. Vocalist/guitarist Chris Manecke and bassist John Blake got a new drummer, Jason Toney, and called their band First Men on the Sun. They released only one CD, on their own Southwest Audio Reproductions, the same label that released the first Abecedarians material a dozen years before. Musically, they sound exactly like mid-to-late-80s period Abecedarians, which should be no surprise; it features the same melodic vocals, the same slightly psychedelic instrumentation, the same post punk influences. It's a good album, and it's a shame that it's so obscure and hard to find these days.

First Men on the Sun
Selftitled CD, 1995 Southwest Audio Reproductions
1. Cary Grant's Hallucination
2. Sleeping On the Grill of the King
3. The Way Things Are
4. I Took a Bus
5. I Could Beg
6. Breathe In
7. Crawling Chaos
8. Chiddle

Download the CD here!


Anonymous said...

The Zshare download link keeps re-looping over and over again. What gives? Any possibility of reuploading it to another server? Thanks!

spavid said...

Ditto for me. Looks like you have a nice blog. Check mine out:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

"first men on the sun" band name started in the 1980's in hollywood-los angeles, ca. ... you guys obviously used the name...geez

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I like the name, is so original, sound like the first man on the moon, but this time with the sun, well let's take a time and analyze the sound of this band.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like them. Sorry but this isn't the same band.

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