Tuesday, January 5, 2010

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Rumponia - An Answer Within LP

Here is an obscure UK compilation from the tiny Northampton label Rumpo Records. Aside from a couple comps and singles (including one from This Parade, which featured future Spiritualized/Spacemen 3 member Mark Refoy ), Rumpo Records did not leave much of a legacy, which is sad, since the few releases I've heard from the label are excellent! This compilation features 10 minimal synth, new wave, post punk, and indie bands. Insekt Flak is pure analog electronic bliss, Exit Girls is silly deranged synthy art-punk, and Skating for Cover (who also released an excellent tape which can be found on the Mutant Sounds blog ) are a perfect mix of indiepop and darkwave. Unfortunately, my copy was a kinda beat-up dollar bin find, and there is some pretty noticeable noise on parts of side A that I couldn't easily remove. Still, the best songs sound good. Check this one out!

Various Artists: Rumponia: An Answer Within LP
1982, Rumpo Records
A1 Insect Flak - Theme From Flesh
A2 Cellar 16 - Slartybartfast
A3 Bullets For Silver - Let Me Throught
A4 Damyata - Rosemary Is Broken
A5 Workshop - Love Serenade
B1 Groovy Underwear - Windmills
B2 Armpit Orchestra - Snow Shoes & High Heels
B3 Syndromes - Over My Head
B4 Exit Girls - Mr. Brown
B5 Skating For Cover - Le Cortege

Click here to download this record!


Rickard said...

Does the link work for everyone but me? Would love to hear this one....

Rickard said...

Oh never mind, it works fine today! TY

jan said...

Since you mentioned the single from This Parade: I'm looking for this one for quite a time and would be very happy if you could post it (if you have it). ;)

paul said...

really suprised to see this hear, not much in the way of mentions eleswhere on the web.

The groovy underwear track is fantastic, a joyful building song that puts a smile on my face and makes me sing out loud whenever I hear it which is often!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! I've been looking for this for YEARS! Used to spin it a lot back in the day. Insect Flak!

W. said...

There are indeed plenty of good tracks on this album including those by The Syndromes and Cellar 16.

If anyone out there has a better copy of this album or a copy of the Rumpo cassette "White On Black (Experiments With Mass)" it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I remember the single by This Parade being great. I hope it surfaces...

W. said...

Ooops. I see you've posted This Parade already.

I shall be keeping an eye on this interesting blog.

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