Friday, January 15, 2010

THE SHORT WAVE MYSTERY demo tapes & unreleased tracks!

Well, I actually have nothing to download with this post, but I'm just pointing you in the direction of some of the best minimal electro ever made. The Short Wave Mystery, they of the $200 bootleg and $1000 12-inch, have a huge cache of nureleased tracks that you can listen to any time right here. I especially recommend "Without Cause". This sounds like the best Depeche Mode song never released. It is THAT good. Cross you fingers and look for a reissue on Dark Entries Records!


Vanilla Face said...

I've been LOVING "Without Cause" ever since Josh played it a few days ago. Definitely going to buy that re-issue LP.

jc said...

thanks for posting this phil!
heading down to work with Greg from the Shortwave Mystery today to mix tracks!
You can hear better versions of the songs on the Minimal Wave radio show I djed on January 3rd at East Village Radio. You can view the setlist and stream/download the mp3 here:

The streaming tracks from reverbnation are from a dubbed cassette and full of hiss

Anonymous said...

To me, the absolute highlight of the demo tape is the 10 1/2 minute version of "Whoever Knew" (this is the same song that I have refered to in my SWM response in September '08). The reverbnation website only plays the first 3 1/2 minutes.
It reminds of me of "Pilots" the way it builds up towards the end. This song is about JFK's assissination.

Here's the full dubbed cassette version of this masterpiece (poor quality):

Can't wait for these to be remastered and pressed up on viyl.