Monday, June 22, 2009

Echo Art: Leitmotiv LP

Here is an LP from a mysterious Italian darkwave band called Echo Art. I know they released at one 12" EP in addition to this album, but I really can't find much info on them. This LP is a varied affair, with some instrumental and experimental songs in addition to coldwave and darkwave songs. Overall it's a very solid album of dark, gloomy new wave. The final song, Hershel, is the one that I find myself listening to over and over. It's built upon a simple repetitive synth line, with dark reverbed vocals (in Italian) that make it a classic!

Echo Art: Leitmotiv LP
1986, Project Records
A1 Dual Time
A2 Life
A3 Leone D'Inverno
A4 Poison
A5 Argot Du Milieu
B1 Baillame
B2 Lips Nnn
B3 Awake
B4 Hershel

Click here to download the LP!


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