Monday, June 22, 2009

Paul Nova: Trees Without Leaves LP, Fantasy & Feeling 12", Julie Ann 7"

Since it's been a while since I posted, and since this may be my only post for June, I'll include a nice "bonus" upload here. I think that a lot of people are very curious about this mysterious UK solo act, after seeing his stuff fetch hundreds on eBay. I know I was, and finally got these songs from a very generous member of As one-half of the underground synth duo Bizarre Unit, Paul Nova was making minimal electro-pop for his entire short career. His later singles (especially Fantasy and Feeling) had a more commercial synthpop sound, but were still excellent releases. This is basically his entire discography (he had a 7" with Famous Boys/Trees Without Leaves, but both those songs appear on his LP.) If anybody has the Bizarre Unit stuff to share, I would be very happy!

Paul Nova: Julie Ann 7"
1982, Echibit One Records
A Julie-Ann
B Video Age

Paul Nova: Trees Without Leaves LP
1984, Exhibit One Records
A1 Lovers In Paris
A2 You Could Be Good
A3 Home Sweet Home
A4 Trees Without Leaves
B1 You Are
B2 Famous Boys
B3 Love You Madly
B4 Broken Rose

Paul Nova: Fantasy and Feeling 12" EP
1985, Exhibit One Records
A1 Fantasy
A2 Letter Of Love
B1 The Feeling
B2 Summer Breeze

Download everything here!


Vanilla Face said...

Nice bassline right off the bat on Paul Nova. Nice! Looking forward to the other new uploads.

anthony said...

Thanks a lot for posting such great, rare minimal synth! One of your best ever posts!

Anonymous said...

Very likeable stuff. Good voice, nice sounds, great songs, they have their own style -- what else could one want? Thank you.

icastico said...


Anonymous said...

Please learn how to tag your uploads.

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this discography has been one of the most spectacular that they have made it's absolutely amazing I don't have words.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting! i'm so happy!!!

Anonymous said...

Paul Nova released a second album 'War Tears' under the name 'Broken Rose' in 1986. That was his last release.

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