Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hail Mary: What's That Fire EP

The thing that grabbed me first when I found this album at a small record shop in Antwerp was the sticker on the front: "First Record Censured in Belgium". What caused it to be censured? Were all the songs promoting baby sacrifice? Listening to the album didn't really offer many clues - it's a solid four songs of excellent deathrock and dark post punk that's part Christian Death and part Bauhaus. So I ask all of you - do you know why the Hail Mary had the first record censured in Belgium? Is there even any credibility to this claim?

The Hail Mary: What's That Fire EP
198?, self-released
A1 What's That Fire?
A2 The Quiet Way to Paradise
B1 Into the Last Fight
B2 Violets

Click here to download the EP!


Anonymous said...

Don't believe the hype - it's a sequel - tHM had a zany idea for selfpromotion and ordered for silly stickers … at the cost of Belgium's non reputation ;-)

La Nigredo said...

Thanks , really a rare band! but amazing