Friday, May 29, 2009

MC²: Selftitled LP

It seems like there is an endless supply of German new wave bands. There was a huge
underground tape culture, and many blogs (most notably Mutant Sounds) have posted countless
NDW tapes and private releases. Personally, it's a genre that's hit-or-miss. There's almost always an element of silliness and quikiness in German new wave. Some releases are quirky and fun, and sometimes the silliness is detrimental, to the point of just being stupid.
Fortunately, this album falls square in the former - almost every song is a bouncy classic, with loads and loads of synths, choppy guitars, and German vocals that I can't understand. This is up there with Palais Schaumburg, Croox, Malaria!, Zero Zero, 1.Futurologischer Congress and others who combined their silliness with a bit of gloom and loads of straight- ahead electro-pop.

MC²: Selftitled LP
1982, Gulp Records
A1 Stadt Aus Stahl
A2 Gen-X
A3 Keimfrei
A4 E = MC²
A5 Kleine Königinnen
B1 007
B2 Erde
B3 Ufos
B4 Schutzlos
B5 Du Willst Nur Mich


Anonymous said...

I liked this. THank you friend....

Anonymous said...

Please up the Dark Arts album. Make family and friends go look for it.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Thanks!

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