Monday, March 22, 2010

Junk Fifty-Seven 12" EP

Desired by collectors of minimal synth and old-school electro alike, this unassuming and extremely obscure 12" from San Francisco-based Junk 57 is a strange record. It was self-released on DiscOrganization, and I can't imagine it was distributed too extensively. Despite its name, the A side, Return of the Itchmaster, is an excellent old-school electro song, with effected and subdued vocals, record scratching, and hard-hitting syncopated production. Side B starts off with a mediocre electro-rap song, but then takes a complete one-eighty with Heart Full of Soul - a stripped-down minimal electronic cover of the Yardbirds classic. It almost sounds like two completely different bands are on this record.

Junk Fifty-Seven: Selftitled EP
1984, DiscOrganization Records
A: Return of the Itchmaster
B1: Junk 57
B2: Heart Full of Soul


frankie teardrop said...

unfortunately, the first track is corrupt and won't extract. any chance you can give this one another upload?

goutroy said...

OK, I just re-upped it. It should work now.

Anonymous said...

Didn't really care much for this.