Monday, March 22, 2010

Defuser: Music for a Comic Book Video LP

This is officially the weirdest album that I have uploaded. This is the virtually unknown self-released follow-up to Defuser's first 7", the classic World Suicide b/w Freeze Please. They were from Marin County, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from SF. A wonderfully-presented LP, this comes in a gatefold sleeve that is laid out as a comic book. Each panel of the comic represents one song on the album.
The entire album is a concept album about a one-off concert by a fictional band called Lyres & Theeves. Except it's not as simple as that. At all. I could say it's primarily industrial, but it goes from electro to spoken word to industrial to sax skronkery to minimal electronic to experimental noise to an advertisement the band made for a local business chosen at random from the white pages to traditional Finnish folk music to darkwave to industrial again. Extremely subversive, very dark, very silly, very irreverent, very political, very punk, very art-damaged, this concept album is unlike anything - ANYTHING! - that I have ever heard before.

Defuser: Music for a Comic Book Video - The Lyres & Theeves Concert LP
1985, Mutiny Records
A1 Charlie, Hector & Betty Arrive at the Concert
A2 Li'l Otis
A3 And Welcome to the Show
A4 Prefessor Zeus and the Barking Elephant
A5 Politically Correct
A6 Bouquet of Weeds
A7 Woman in Bondage
A8 Love Song For You, Darling
A9 The Mob Has Come to Life
A10 Free Advertisement
A11 Seven Judys
A12 Nonexistant Song (intermission)
B1 Steel Dick
B2 Screaming Mad
B3 Little Bird
B4 Sax Hell
B5 Destroy What You Don't Understand
B6 Ladies' Tea Party Jazz
B7 Just Want to Be Your Friend
B8 Pocket
B9 Covered in Vines


Anonymous said...

This is weird. And very interesting. Must listen closely and more often. Do you also have their single? Would like to listen to that. Thank you!

David Chadwick said...

Hi. I made this LP back in 1984 with the help of master sampler Ron MacLeod. Glad to see it here available to all. I plan to put the music and art also at before long. David Chadwick (

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