Monday, January 12, 2009

Where's Lisse?: Tutorial EP

What ever happened to Ascii art? Remember in the 80s, when making drawings of people and places with letters and punctuation seemed like the height of computer nerd-dom? Where's Lisse? must remember, since the cover of this EP is made entirely of these characters. This was the band's second and final release. The first, a 7", can be found on Systems of Romance here.
In a more fair world, the track "Tutorial" would have been a huge goth club hit. With load scratchy guitars, simple drumming, and gloomy, commanding vocals, this would have fit perfectly in any club between She's in Parties and I Walk the Line. Enough talk. You really need to get this.

Where's Lisse?: Tutorial EP
1982, Glass Records
1. Tutorial
2. I'll THink of Something
3. Red Light
4. Call It That! (You'll need to rename this... I realize I named it the same as track 2).

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Anonymous said...

This is really good! Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you reupload the Insulin Reaction stuff please? Thx

Unknown said...

I'm really pleased people are still interested in where's lisse?
If you want to hear what i'm up to now go to Ethereal Killers myspace site at

John Novak

Unknown said...

I'm pleasedto see people are still interested in Where's Lisse?
For a re-edit of Talk Takes Too Long and tracks by my latest project, Ethereal Killers, go to

John Novak (Where's Lisse?)

Anonymous said...

Tracklist is hazzled ...