Monday, January 26, 2009

Voice of America: I Will Tell 12"

Here's a bonus 12" since I haven't uploaded anything new for a little while. This is a mysterious and extremely rare 12" EP from a UK band called Voice of America. There is almost no information about these guys anywhere, aside from the fact that it was produced by Captain Sensible. This should have been a new wave classic, but instead only a few were pressed, and not too well distributed.

Voice of America: I Will Tell 12"
1986, An Ammunition Communication
I Will Tell
Story Of Love

Download the record here!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, really cool blog you have here.

Anonymous said...

Tracks 1 and 2 are very radio-friendly, but excellent pop songs. "Story Of Love" is almost perfect but maybe 2 to 3 years too late. Thanks for digging!

Monkey Flinging Poo said...

Hey, thanks much for your whole blog. I love hearing these below the underground recordings that I'd never even know to look up if it wasn't for people like you. I know you spend cash for these and that's an extra thanks for sharing.

The first track on this 12'' is quite good. I probably would have played the hell out of it if I bought this when it came out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Really cool. I especially love "Story of Love". God sound like it coulda woulda shoulda been a hit. Fans of this may enjoy Lansing-Dreiden.

FreddyUK said...

Hey.. believe it or not..I actually WROTE "I will Tell" when I was in the band Dansin Obscure in Blackpool England in 1982. My friend Dave went onto form VOA when we split up and he continued to use the song. They were a duo, briefly signed to Virgin, and toured in Europe...the Captain Sensible connection came about because they shared managers for a while. Read the book "Lost in music" by London times writer Giles smith for a interesting few mentions of the band. Regards Fred

Unknown said...

Sorry Freddy boy, the original riff was mine from El Salvadore if I remember correctly first unleasehed in a Bispham church when Mr. Bow was running riot with a fire extinguisher (or a giant bag of rice?). Sorry vicar.

The Reverend(VOA)

Anonymous said...

VOA...One hit wonder band!! story of love is a great song and have been listening to it for over 20 years...(helped me get over a break up :)). One of my favorites of all time. This version is shorter as I have one that is 5:40.

It used to be played quite abit on Chris Shepeard's CFNY 102.1 Sat night New Wave party in Toronto, Canada.

Thanks for the upload, great reminicing.

from Toronto

tom said...

IIRC, the album as a whole went something like this:

Bond Theme (this was absolutely brilliant!)
Baby Blue

Summer Rain
Story of Love
I Will Tell

Any chance you can re-upload? The link has expired!