Monday, January 12, 2009

Foreign Legion: Indefinites LP

If you're like me, you scour the blogs of obscure, undiscovered music in hopes of finding a new treasure to listen to or put on your wantlist. I don't know if this one will quite be your "new favorite", but it's certainly one of those undiscovered, hopelessly obscure minimal electronic records. Released in 1984 on "Aqua Records", this contains bass, noises, effects, sax, and a whole slew of electronics. The sax brings some of the songs into jazz territory, but the processed drums and synths and cold vocals should combine well enough to please fans of minimal wave. The closest thing I can think of to compare this to would be the "Hmm..." LP by Friz Be. There are several standout tracks for me: "Who's To Say" comes somewhat close to League of Nations-esque electronics, "Who Were They" combines lots of live and syntheized percussion with some excellent synth lines, and "Suddenly Know" combines analog synth noises with a truly bizarre but somehow catchy-as-hell big band/swing sax line. No joke. Just download and listen for yourself.

Foreign Legion: Indefinites LP
1984, Aqua Records
1. Who's To Say
2. What Do You Want?
3. Suddenly Know
4. No Pictures, No Regrets
5. Who Were They?
6. Why Don't You?
7. Whatever Happens
8. Everyone Who Loves You
9. Trains

Click here to download the LP!


Anonymous said...

where does this group come from?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

dear avc,
first time/long time. u mentioned the hmmm lp by friz be in this foreign legion post. doubtless i'm not the only one who would luv to see/hear it posted here. thx

Anonymous said...

The Friz be is horrible. I tracked it long time, found it, and wondered why I had wasted my time....

Unknown said...

Fantastic post my friend...I tracked down a vinyl copy and I'm listening to it right now..Minimal synth fix is in order on this one for sure...great...

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