Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Various Artists: Paper Boats in Puddles LP

Here is a rarity that is desirable to collectors of indiepop, post punk, and Venus in Furs. It's a UK compilation from 1987 called Paper Boats in Puddles. It features quite a few bands that never released anything as well as a few more well-known artists. Girlie twee/indiepop band Queue Dance (who released a highly sought-after 7", I think) have two great songs here. There's a great Echo and the Bunnymen-inspired post punk song by the band This Colour. There's an exclusive track by quirky synthpop band Jesus Couldn't Drum. There are two dark songs by The Rev that sound like John Cooper Clarke reading poetry over synth and keyboards. And, most interestingly, there are two songs by the mysterious "The Little Legends", which was none other than Times, aka Venus in Furs! In fact, one song from this compilation (The Body Bank) later found its way onto a cd-r compilation of Venus in Furs rarities that Times self-released a few years ago. Also, the band Key Largo also featured Times and sounds like an instrumental Venus in Furs song as well... This is definitely a comp that's worth checking out!

Various Artists: Paper Boats in Puddles LP
1987, Whizz Records, UK
1. The Little Legends: Swamp Walk
2. The Rev: A Thin, Grey Space
3. Vava Voom: It's Because
4. Key Largo: New Arabian Nihts
5. Queue Dance: For a Moment
6. The Red Squares: Blue Peter
7. This Colour: In Sapphire Blue
8. Jennie Cruse: Don't You Think
9. The Little Legends: The Body Bank
10. The Rev: Tiny, Tinny Radio
11. Jesus Couldn't Drum: Captain Scarlet
12. Queue Dance: My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Click here to download the record!


Anonymous said...

There are some truly wonderful tracks on here. Sounds like 1982 or 1983, very enjoyable for lovers of the early new wave that was so fresh and diverse. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

After more intense listening, I must correct myself. This compilation is one of the best I have ever listened to. There is only one track that is only "OK" (Vava Voom), everything else is great. Let alone that wonderful Cole Porter cover by Queue Dance. Whoever likes early Rough Trade or Zoo records, The Young Marble Giants, Monochrome Set etc., will love this! Cannot thank you enough.

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