Friday, October 24, 2008

Various Artists: Ears to the Grindstone, Back to the Grindstone, Turn of the Grindstone LPs

Well, here are THREE compilations to round out this week. They are the three records in the "Grindstone" series on K.O. City Studios. THe label was set up by Andrew Szava-Kovats of Data Bank, Domnion, and Parade of Sinners, the latter two of whom appear on these comps.
These records are primarily electronic, divided between industrial, ambient, noise, experimental EBM, and more. There are tracks by groups like Arms of Someone New, Gelatinous Citizen, Conrad Schnitzler (a collaboration piece), Nomuzik, and many, many, many more.
The Gelatinous Citizen songs were ripped by Mutant-Sounds a while back; if you enjoyed those songs, you should probably like most of the songs here. All three are excellent records.

Various Artists: Ears to the Grindstone LP
1987, KO City Studios

A1 Parade Of Sinners Cover Your Ears
A2 Gelatinous Citizen Big Sound For Happy Cows
A3 Fact-22 Motivation
A4 Dominion They Came In Hordes
A5 Arms Of Someone New, The Next Year In Jerusalem
B1 Ferd Gamma Globulin
B2 Nomuzic The Chief Smiles
B3 Mental Anguish Where Demons Dwell
B4 David Prescott The Dreamer
B5 If, Bwana Blatant Non-Attempt

Click here to download EARS TO THE GRINDSTONE.

Various Artists: Back to the Grindstone LP
1988, KO City Studios

A1 Gelatinous Citizen Lust For Larvae
A2 Nomuzic Pay The Robots
A3 Industrious Fleas I'm Walkin'
A4 Fact TwentyTwo Permanent Green
A5 New Law Nightmare Ballad Of Doug Dangerous
B1 Dominion Voodoo Visions
B2 Lewis Francis Permutations
B3 David Prescott Lefty Improv #2
B4 Mental Anguish Long Trip Through A Short Hole
B5 Alien Planetscapes The Pseudo-Intellectual Art-Damage Boogie

Click here to download BACK TO THE GRINDSTONE.

Various Artists: Turn of the Grindstone LP
1989, KO City Studios

A1 Parade Of Sinners Speech
A2 Gelatinous Citizen Fighting The World
A3 Lewis Francis Vast Listening Audience
A4 Compound Torture With The Best
A5 New Law Nightmare Sleeping Standing Up
B1 New Carrollton / S.G.B.C. Chantilly Stomp
B2 Mental Anguish / Nomuzic Keep Down
B3 Viktimized Karcass The Heat Is Gone
B4 Curious Voltage Media Hunt
B5 David Prescott / Gen Ken Montgomery / Conrad Schnitzler Triangle Prelude

Click here to download TURN OF THE GRINDSTONE.


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Thanks for posting these! I picked up the Back to the Grindstone lp over the summer on a dig and I really love it!

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