Monday, July 4, 2011

The Drops: Fatal Fall 7”

Well, after a brief hiatus during which I travelled through Turkey and Greece (buying records along the way, of course) I still have a few records to share. I bought this gem in Greece and while I realized after ripping it that it has already been shared, it was only shared on a Greek music blog and deserves as much recognition as possible.
The Drops were from the port town of Piraeus, a little to the south of Athens. They formed in 1990 and released this in 1995. Their style of darkwave was very stripped down and minimal, sounding like In Trance 95 playing Cure songs. The B side, A Beautiful Night, is a particularly amazing midtempo track with an emphasis on a simple but solid drumbeat. I played it at the Weird party in New York a week ago and several people asked who it was – always a great way to gauge if a song is a keeper in one’s DJ arsenal. It’s amazing that a record this earnestly and authentically post-punk sounding came from 1995. Perhaps the 90s are the last vestige of unknown and blogworthy darkwave music?

The Drops: Fatal Fall 7”

1995, Wipe Out! Records

A1 Fatal Fall

B1 A Beautiful Night

Click here to listen to this record


Unknown said...

Welcome back, how was the record shopping over there?

Anonymous said...

I like the music,just not the vocals.The music is awesome though.. thanx

goutroy said...

@ Vinyl Obscurity - record shopping was fairly decent, and I found some gems in Athens (the Drops 7", the In Trance 95 7", etc). But my previous vacation (Benelux) was way more productive in that department.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, as you say. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic, traveling and finding little gems on 7 inches.. Minimal Wave label is releasing In Trance 95's early tapes this month, can't wait for that too :) Thank you for "The Drops", another great find!

Ten Thousand Eyes said...

Indeed The Drops worth a second an a third post!! They were a great group. Too bad I never caught them in the live action. However this 7'' and the LP are great releases for the 90's.

Thank you for mentioning and linking to our blog 10.000 eyes Goutroy!!

George said...

Hello there and congratulations for the great work.
Just in case anyone is interested i uploaded in my blog
the solo work of Nick Sebekopoulos, the guitar player for The Drops.
Published in 2001, in a small amount of copies, it may be not an easy listening, plus he sings in greek. But if you're into darkwave i'm syre you'll like it.
It's only electric guitar and vocals.