Monday, January 24, 2011


A couple months ago I shared the wonderful analog electronic masterpiece "In Tune With Tomorrow" by the Los Angeles robo-trio Android. Here is their debut 7", self-released in 1981, a year before their album. This contains two very different versions of songs from their album. While the LP features very well-produced and almost lush electro-wave sounds, the 7" versions are completely stripped-down versions.
Minimal synth fans will freak out at the version of Ahead of Your Time here, with its stop-start tinny drum programs, bare-bones electronics, and vocodered vocals. It is an absolute lo-fi masterpiece, even better than the LP version. I'd love to find out if these guys ever released anything else. They seemed to have dreams of becoming big Futurist heroes (especially on their LP), but they completely disappeared, leaving precious few copies of their records for minimal synth nerds to salivate over. Big thanks to Christian, who also provided the Kozmonaut LP, for this rip!

Android: A 21st Century Band 7"
1981, AMP Productions
A: Ahead of Your Time
B: Images

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