Friday, May 30, 2008

Desert Corbusier: Walked Up and Down the Stairs, Searched the Building All Over 12" EP

Desert Corbusier was a short-lived Dutch group from around 1980-1981 that self-released a few cassettes and one vinyl EP. They played a dark, avant garde, and minimalist post punk, with deep vocals by a young Richard Cameron, who would later find fame in the duo Arling-Cameron. They found moderate success in Berlin, Germany and Zagreb, Croatia, where they would play for up to 3000 people. All their releases were put out and produced themselves. I only have the 12" EP to share. I'd like to hear their cassette(s) if anyone has them...? Due to a pressing error, many copies of the 12" have a weird "haze" to them, as if all the glossiness of the vinyl has been removed.

To the best of my knowledge, their discography is:

1980 Cassette: Take the children (Self-released)
1980 Cassette: A lot, Soon Again Oedipus (Self-released)
1980 Cassette: A Cake of Your Own Dough (Self-released)
Note: I may be wrong about this; they may have only released one cassette and these were the songs on it. Again, if anyone knows for sure, please let me know!

1981 12" EP: Walked Up and Down the Stairs, Searched the Building All Over (self-released; catalogue# DC 456)

Teach Yourself
The Room
Can't Stay Too Long in This House
Safely Secure

Click here to download it!


Curious Guy said...

Thanks Goutroy! I added a link to your blog on mine.

elektro said...

Thanks for this share Goutroy!
Is very nice to see this blog alive again, you have many vinyl pearls that I never have seen in the web.
Keep the good work.

Anonymous said...

the original DC splited in 1984 after the German(Freiburg)-Balkan(Ljubljana,Zagreb)-Austria(Wien) tour.

Anonymous said...

Very obscure, very dark, very nice early 80s' sounds. If only they had been able to write songs. What a pity. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Some ex-band members told me that they pressed 300 copies ....

Infrastition said...

Such a great sound ! Thanks Goutroy
If someone has any contact with ex-member I wish to get in touch !
Thanks !

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