Friday, May 30, 2008

Outlook: It Doesn't Matter/She's a Star 7"

Well... I'd like to give some sort of background to this record, but I can find no information anywhere. And since it didn't come in a picture sleeve, I only have the record labels to go from... What I do know is that this was an minimal electro/synthpop group called Outlook. This record was released on BowZar Records in 1986. There were presumably three members in the band: Bowen, Rans, and Zartoshty. And a guy named Ed Perry is credited with Eng. (English? Engineered? Engelbert Humperdinck?). Anyway, this is comparable to groups like Kirlian Camera, the Carol/Snowy red 7", and Gary Numan. Great minimal electro pop that borders on Italo. If you know any more information, please let me know; I'm very interested!

The tracklist is:
It Doesn't Matter
She's a Star

Click here to download the record.


Anonymous said...

yay Im glad you're back! thanks for all the music you've posted :-)

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

fookin fantastico

Anonymous said...

Charming melodies, very nice.

zyklon-boy said...

here there's an ENGINEER called Ed Perry