Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kalashnikov: Ravaged Mind 7"

For your listening pleasure this week is a little 2-song 7" from 1986 by a Swedish band called Kalashnikov. Similar to their Spanish namesakes from the same era, this band also released a single synth 7" and then disappeared. The A-side of this disc is an enjoyable synth-funk 7" somewhat similar to With Sympathy-era Ministry (except when it suddenly goes into a completely infectious new wavey chorus). It's a fun track, although the indulgent and superfluous guitar solo near the end ruins it a bit for me.
The B side, Wailing Squad, is the superior song, though. With layers of synth and keyboards lines and great vocals (aside from somewhat ill-advised chanting during the chorus). It's a pretty great synth jam, and (if I had owned this 7" back when the Wierd party was still happening) would have made regular appearances in my sets. Alas, it will have to make a regular appearance on my iPod playlists instead.

Kalashnikov: Ravaged Mind 7"
1986, K Rec
A: Ravaged Mind
B: Wailing Squad

Click here to listen!


Unknown said...

Hi, I love your blog, you have brought the darkness many wonderful records, lost in time. I am looking for a long time a band from belgium called Chow-Chow. They recorded a mini-LP called "Hide" (kentuckyfriedwave posted this record about a year ago but the link has expired and he stopped updating the blog). It also launched a 12-inch called "This Is About Love." You get something from them, it is an amazing band!

Many Thanx

Anonymous said...

Hi Unknown, I downloaded it in time... hope link works, please let me know you got it, so I can delete... Don't have the 12"... Enjoy, Silvio

Anonymous said...

Silvio, your links are working!! Thanks for your solicitude.

Leandro, from Brasil.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Mate, ;-) Silvio