Friday, October 25, 2013

Commercial Music: Volume 4

 Six years. I never would have thought when I started this thing way back in 2007 that I'd still be updating it after a half-dozen years! A lot has happened in the interim - I've even moved across the country from SF to New York - but my love of music has not diminished at all. I still love to share music with others, and as my collection grows, so too does my resources of records and songs to post on this blog. Today, for a sixth anniversary, it seems like a good idea to post another homemade compilation.
This one certainly has a lot of odds and ends within it. There's Hungarian synthpop (KFT and GM49, the latter of whom has reissued most of their catalog on MP3 and is rather enjoyable, if cheesy). There's a rare song from the unreleased second Autumn Cathedral LP. It's the best of the 3 songs I've heard from that album, and it makes me really want to hear the rest of them. There's a cover of Voice Farm's "Modern Things", done by the guitarist from Japanese synthpop band The Plastics, found on a scarce picture disc. There's cheesy synthpop from a band called Press, whose album "The Low Hum of Machines" is not as promising as it sounds, but still has one great track.
Post punk/DIY fans will like the Louder Animal Group song, taken from a one-sided flexi. There's a track from the second Bluenose B 12". Unfortunately the other songs aren't nearly as good as their debut. There's weird dark avant-folk-synth from a guy called Breikreutz, a synthpop smash from Shades of Grey, and a practically unheard-of minimal synth demo from the singer of B-Movie, which sounds similar to early Eyeless In Gaza.
Hopefully there's something that everyone will like. Unless you only like twerk-wave, in which case what are you doing reading this?

PS. I promise that will be the only time I ever mention "twerk", unless twerk-wave becomes a genre.

Click here to twerk listen!


øשlqæda said...

lovin the massive twerkwave stylings of breitkreutz; is the rest of that 12" as evocatively disorienting? my compliments on an enjoyably eclectic mix

goutroy said...

Thanks! The Breikreutz 12" is OK, but that song is definitely the standout. I might share the rest of the songs soon though.

Dea Noa said...

This is such a great compilation!

All of the songs are great and I really like Breitkreutz, Hajime Tachibana, I Shadow, Shades Of Grey, Steve Hovington, Un-Ten-Tu and really an amazing synth-pop song to me Press - Rise!
Thank you soo much for sharing such a wonderful forgotten 80's music!

Long Live A Viable Commercial!!!

Anonymous said...

great artwork