Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real Macabre: Emotion 12”

Here is a mysterious record from 1985, from a UK band called Real Macabre. There are absolutely no credits or band members listed. The cover is just a white textured sleeve with a sticker on the front that says “This is Emotion”. The band seemed to go out of their way to NOT attract any attention.

It’s unfortunate, because this could easily have been a big club hit in the 80s Surely this band’s noisy-yet-tuneful brand of dark (but quite poppy) goth rock has widespread appeal. Fans of Look Back in Anger, Asmodi Bizaar, and Siouxsie and the Banshees will certainly enjoy both mixes of Emotion. While the tracks on this 12” may not be terribly original, they are well-written. With slightly sassy vocals and buzzsaw guitars, the extended mix of Emotion is a pretty great "lost" single, and is guaranteed to have you tapping your feet by the time the chorus arrives and the song kicks into overdrive.

Sadly, fate has found this band receiving little or no recognition. I’m sure the record was simply not distributed well enough for it to gain a wide audience. At least the age of mp3s can rectify this. I have no idea if this band ever released anything else (or, as mentioned earler, WHO the band members were). If anyone out there has any information, share it!

Real Macabre: Emotion 12”

1985, Push Records

A1 Emotion (extended)

B1 Emotion

B2 The Dance

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frankie teardrop said...

Unless there was another mid-80s band going by the same name, I do believe these guys have another release or two. Can't say I've heard them, though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the work,man.Saludos de patagonia

sorrow-vomit said...

I got this one years ago because was mildly curious since they had a short write-up in Mick Mercer's Gothic Rock book and it was very cheap... though I only recall listening to it one time and not liking it back then. Would like to re-listen to it again to see if I feel differently now. They had a couple other releases including a 7" version of this single, "White Horse" 7" from '85 and "Alice Is Dressed In Grey" 12" from '86. Maybe more too... but never bothered trying them out.

That book writes,

"The band came to be famous only for a seemingly pointless cover of TV theme tune "White Horses", giving to the world Gordon (ex-Junior Manson Slags, now Terminal Cheesecake) and for singer Bee (female) being related to Joan Collins. (Let us not forget drummer Paul and guitarist Jack.)

Bee: "We are raw and rebellious but we've got great singalong tunes! Hooky songs people can sing, you name it!"

Gordon: "And we've got the mental age of three."

mineforlife said...

Great post. I'd love to hear "White Horses" if anyone has it.

pop80s said...

Goog Stuff.
Coming Soon on Atemporal Record label a rare 80's Spanish minimal/synthpop band:


Anonymous said...

Real Macabre were formed out of the remnants of the punk band The Beez, who came from Chesham in Bucks,in 1984 after the departure of bassist Tim Heal for Australia. Guitarist Gordon Watson and drummer Paul Morris were joined on vocals by Bebe Reed and Jack on bass.
Previous releases included White Horses/The Call (featuring Tim on bass) and Alice is dressed in grey. Major influences were Killing Joke, The Damned and Adam and the Ants.
Both Paul and Gordon featured on later work by Terminal Cheesecake

Art Sex said...

All true except - Mick Mercer's crock of shit book is misleading. Real Macabre were, at the time, entirely underground. No airplay. virtually no press. Entirely doing our own thing and loving it.
The band's name had more to do with life's freaks and outcasts than anything gothic. Lyrics were wry observations of how it feels to be on the outside or to have kinks that side lined you. Influences at the time were everything from baroque classical music to Punishment Of Luxury (Punilux).
White Horses was recorded as a trashy joke which went over the heads of almost everyone except our fans and especially Mick Mercer and all the other prawn brained journos of the mid eighties.