Monday, February 7, 2011

Various Artists: Hit the Floor LP

By request, here is the rare US compilation LP called Hit the Floor. This record was released back in 1984 on the Gender Records label, and contains eight tracks by four bands, all very much in the new wave/synthpop genre.
Alpha Bettys is the least synth-based of the bands; both songs combine female vocals with guitars or horns in a fashion that's a bit similar to Essential Logic. Their material is the least interesting to me on this LP, but the songs aren't bad at all, just not outstanding. Minks is a bubbly female-fronted synthetic pop band. Their sound is very minimalist but still unapologetically pop, but their songs (especially Surprised) are incredibly endearing.
Boys Say Go released a highly sought-after DIY 7" and a 12" in addition to their two songs here. Their two songs are well-produced, full-frontal synthpop. Their sound is commercial but still underground (if only because they're pretty much unknown), and the song "Do You Wanna Funk" demands repeated listens despite the obligatory cheesy guitar solo toward the end.
Of course, the real star here is Doppler Effect, who later released a 12" before evolving into the industrial dance band Workforce. There is absolutely no doubt that minimal synth and electro fans will go nuts over both of their songs here. Prisoner is a fast-based analog killer, with the electronics pushed to overdrive - wonderful danceable drum programs, gurgling synth lines and throbbing electronic basslines combine with the back-and-forth vocals to make a true electro-pop classic. By the time the end of the song comes up and all the elements mesh together, you wish the song would keep going for another couple minutes. The second song, Time Is Running Out, is complete synthpunk. It's bouncy and snarling and silly and has some of the greatest spastic punk-ish synth lines this side of a Units song.
So, this LP is completely recommended, in case you didn't catch that from the above description. Do yourself a favor and download this and lose yourself in new wave nostalgia.

V/A Hit the Floor LP
1984, Gender Records
A1 Minks - Dangerous
A2 Alpha Bettys - Symbol Of Love
A3 Doppler Effect - Prisoner
A4 Boys Say Go - Serious Cat
B1 Boys Say Go - Do You Wanna Funk?
B2 Alpha Bettys - Stare In Style
B3 Minks - Surprised
B4 Doppler Effect - Time Is Running Out


Unknown said...

Ah yes, I bought this a long time ago and it's good stuff...The other Boys Say Go singles are better, and I will post all six of them which I recently remastered if there is problem..thanks for the post.


frankie teardrop said...

Nice to have more from Doppler Effect--- I might like these tracks more than the 12''!

Vanilla Face said...

Looking forward to the Doppler Effect myself. I agree about the Boys Say Go singles, and yes VO you should post them!

goutroy said...

SIX singles!?!? Wow, I only knew of a 7" and a 12". Yes, I want to hear them too!

Unknown said...

Yes you're right..I meant to say six songs total, and I'll put it on the list to post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you reupload the HI-I "Mind Your Head" EP, please?

richieboy said...

wow wow wow Boys Say Go - Serious Cat wow wow amazing song!!!

Hank Fay said...

Thanks for posting this! I lost my copies of this and am delighted to have the jpeg and download.
Hank Fay
The Minks

James Straight said...

Wow, Thank you for getting it. I am James Straight of Doppler Effect/Workforce and was blown away reading a review where the listener is actually listening. I have released a full Doppler Effect compilation with unreleased ep's and demos plus a WORKFORCE compilation as well on iTunes. We are working on new material and are lining up some gigs for 2013, Thank you for the support.Here are the links :