Monday, February 7, 2011

London Underground: Train of Thought 7"

Here is one of my current favorite post-punk 7"s, from London Underground. This band later found themselves on Adrian Sherwood's On-U-Sound label assuming a full-on synth-dub sound, but on this record released on the Situation Two label (although it was produced by Sherwood), the band was loud and aggressive, very very VERY similar to early Section 25. The A-side features tinny guitar riffs, pulsing basslines, hard-pounding snare drums, and blasse reverbed sung-spoken vocals and could very easily have appeared on that band's Always Now album. The B side is guitar noise overload, reminding me of Fire Engines at their most raw and visceral. How this band took a complete one-eighty into dub territory, I have no idea. But this 7" is the one record of theirs that post-punk and goth and noise-pop fans absolutely need. It just realized this was recently shared on the excellent Lethal Injections blog, but I had it ripped a few weeks ago and figure I'll still share it as well - people need to hear this one.

London Underground: Train of Thought 7"
1981, Situation Two Records
A: Train of Thought
B: All Too Many


Dave G said...

I bought this record out of a $1 bin this past weekend and came across your blog while looking for some information about the band. I was thinking Pop Group meets Killing Joke or something along those lines but your description is dead on.

tiendas eroticas said...

For my part one and all ought to look at it.