Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vinyl Magazine + Flexis

When I travel to foreign countries, I like shopping in the local stores. I'm not talking about going to the tourist traps and buying little trinkets emblazoned with the town's name, I'm talking about the little grungy bookstores, antique stores, and (of course) record stores that are part of everyday life for local collectors and afficionados. I got a good sense of Dutch culture by flipping through the Nederpop sections of each record store I visited. And it was in one store in particular that my friend and I found a small cache of cheap old Dutch Vinyl magazines, most of them complete with flexis. While I do not read Dutch (to my novice eyes, it really seems like themost impenetrable language imaginable), I loved all the old photos,ads, layouts, and upcoming live show lists. I figured that I would share my copies with the world over the nextfew posts.
I have a handful of magazines with flexis, and several flexis with no magazines. Even if you're like me and don't read Dutch,I strongly urge you to check these out. This magazine was on thecutting edge of new wave, electro-pop, and post punk in the early 80s. Each issue looks great, and it's a wonderful glimpse into the world ofDIY and indie music from almost 30 years ago. Plus, the flexis haverare and sometimes exclusive tracks, in all their crackly, tinny, lo-fi glory!


Cover story: Nasmak
Includes: Luc Van Acker, The Fall, Recommended Records, etc.
Flexi tracks:
Nasmak: Dishhunt (live)
Nasmak: Origins & Whereabouts (live)
Gulf Pressure: Balconi
Gulf Pressure: Extra Rialto
Gulf Pressure: No Song

VINYL MAGAZINE ISSUE 10 (January 1982)
Cover story: Malcolm McLaren
Includes: Nexda, B-Movie, Video Vinyl, Vovokai
Flexi Tracks:
Nexda: Untitled
Richard Zijlstra & Stephen Emmer: Pedalenproza

A Flux in 3D: Divide
Cravats: Fireman

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