Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Die Hausfrauen: (almost complete) Discography

Here are all five songs from the two releases by New York electronic/post punk band Die Hausfrauen. They released a 7", a 12" with one song from the 7" and three exclusive tracks, and then rereleased all five songs on a split LP with Malaria!. There is also a compilation from 1981 with a live song called Sacred Cow which I have never heard. Their mix of analog synths, angular post punk, and aggressive female vocals made them stand out from the many other NYC no wave bands of the time. Synthpop and post punk fans (hell, even punk fans) will find a lot to like among the five songs spread across these two releases. Frontwoman Vera Beren, is still making dark music in NYC with her current band Vera Beren's Gothic Chamber Blues Ensemble, (which, although it basically has the names of three genres, is actually a rather apt name!).

Die Hausfrauen:

Bellevue Affair 7"
1981, Cachalot Records
A Bellevue Affair
B She's My Destruction

Midnight Rain 12"
1981, Cachalot Records
A1 Midnight Rain
A2 Bellevue Affair
B1 Suburban Incest (Harry's Song)
B2 Defunkt Hunk

Click here to download these records!


Anonymous said...

Great! I owned the 12". Can't find it anymore. Must have sold it...

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Die Hausfrauen is one of the best band in the NY's streets .. I have been in Queens and I went to a concert of this band some time ago, I think that htey are good and the album is spectacular!!22dd

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Anonymous said...

They were great!! Vera was very sexy in her 50's dresses. There was a demo tape of some songs including Suburban Incest floating around..... The girl who played keyboards was going out the lead singer of the Colors...

There's a Youtube of them on NY DanceStand, definitely worth watching.........