Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diseno Corbusier - Perfido Encanto LP

Here is the first record from Spanish avant-garde electronic band Diseno Corbusier, and the second band with the name "D____ Corbusier" that I have featured on this blog. There were only 500 copies pressed and released in 1985 on Auxilo De Cientos, the same label that released the Twilight Ritual LP and the Terra Incognita compilations. The only source for information that I have found about this boy/girl duo was on the Thing on the Doorstop blog post of their second LP, El Alma de La Estrella. To be honest, it took me a while to get into this record, but it slowly grew on me until one listen when it just clicked and I "got it". Tape loops, odd chanted and repeated vocal noises, and loads of electronics make this a dense, but very fulfilling listen.

Track list:

1. El Grito En Su Momento
2. F*P*2
3. Meta Metalic
4. Clonica
5. Internada
6. La Fabrica No Esta Cerca
7. Gli Scolari
8. El Eco de Oran
9. Non Sense

Click here to download it.


Nish said...

Thanks for adding me to you list of links.You should have told me :)
I added you as well.
Cheers,Nice blog!

Droid Sektor said...

Ok, now I'm puzzled, what's the connection between DiseƱo Corbusier (spain) and Desert Corbusier (holand)?

goutroy said...

There's no connection. Just similar names.

Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work properly
(it seems you are put in a loop).
Please repost it, thank you.
El Topo

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