Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Various Artists: 5 Miles to Midnight

I promised Curious Guy at Phoenix Hairpins that I'd rip this for him a while back; well, I finally got around to it. Unfortunately this copy has a bit of surface noise sometimes. This is a great 5-song compilation called 5 Miles to Midnight, released in 1981 on Pax Records. It is most notable for containing two sings by John White's pre-UV Pop band The I Scream Brothers (both of which are also co-produced by Cabaret Voltaire). Also interesting is the fact that there is one track listed by a band called I Suggested Darkness that is not included due to technical problems during pressing. While the sleeve states that they would be featured on a future release, I don't think they ever released anything. Sad. Anyway, the five songs are great minimalist post punk and electronic fare. Download it and enjoy!

A1Doormen, The Choices
A2Doormen, The Alternatives
A3Mortuary In Wax The Face
B1I Scream Brothers Tree Growing Wrong
B2I Scream Brothers Avoid The Surgery

Download it here!


elektro said...

Thanks Goutroy for all this music.
All these artists/music are new for me.
Thanks for all this 80s music from your blog.
A request:
Infant Bonds of Joy album from 1986(Public Records, San Francisco)
Good work,

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, always wanted to listen to that other I Scream Bros track (besides the other one I knew from the Your Secret's Safe With Us comp that appears here with a 30 second introduction). I love music blogs :) And yours is very special and very good.

Anonymous said...

Just listening to the rest, especially Mortality in Wax (what a great band name) is excellent.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks Goutroy!

Ommi said...

elektro80s.... I an Infant Bond of Joy, all grown up. What are you looking for?

goutroy said...

Awesome, rsb, you're from Infant Bonds of Joy? Do you guys have any other material besides the LP released on Public records? I'm planning on posting that LP very soon.

Plastiquegal said...

Flippin Hell Phil? You have this? Good lord... I eternally bow down to ya! (HOW DARE YOU LEAVE US!)

:) L