Tuesday, July 29, 2008

European Toys - Nine Men Applauding LP

This week I have a couple obscurities. This one is an LP from a band from the UK called European Toys. It was released in 1985 on Backs Records. It was one of the earliest releases on the label, which also released material by bands like Venus in Furs, Gee Mr Tracy, Perfect Vision, and loads of other criminally underrated post punk and synth bands. European Toys played melodic, gloomy post punk. I hear similarities to groups like Echo and the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, Sad Lovers and Giants, English Subtitles, and Mecano among others, as well as trace elements of jazz and prog. Songs like "Child Inside" and "Good Times", and "The Room" are quite excellent dark new wave. Give this a download, you may very well like it!

European Toys: Nine Men Applauding LP
1985, Backs Records (NCHLP 4)
1. The Sad Party Story
2. Child Inside
3. Scarlet O Hara Part 1
4. Scarlet O hara Part 2
5. Nine Men Applauding
6. Good Times
7. So Look At Me Now
8. The Room
9. The Travelling Man
10. Flip Side of Life (please note: I did not include this song, since it's just 3 minutes of silence.)

Click here to download it!


Anonymous said...

When played backwards, track 10 reveals the mystery of life itself! Just kidding. I do like track 1 and the Mecano-esque track 9 a lot. The rest gets a bit spoilt by the singing, to my taste.

Droid Sektor said...

You should have put the Silence track... Silence may not be music, but may be art, and I may have supersensitive ears, so I might disclose an engineer fart or 2 in the background. not kidding, keep the good work maaannn

bX-59cppw said...

Zshare link wasn't working - as usually,it kept "looping",doh...
Managed to get it via slsk though,so I've re-uploaded it at Mediafire:


PS:If anyone would be kind enough,to re-upload "Infant Bonds of Joy",
since d/l link is not working either... :-(

fpunky said...

"Spoit by singing" ? Rock is a democracy. Everyone can attend and being able to play an instrument or good singing is not required. I really like Neil Young and it's certainly not good singing. But you wouldn't get those songs and guitar without that voice. And over times you may hear a more capable singer singing "After The Gold Rush" and you may find that you like Young's version more. Now if you're talking lyrics that's another matter all together. I guess I read too much Lester Bangs at an impressible age.

I'm listening to this in the background and I note a strong Joy Division influence. BTW. "Control" is both a good biopic and one of the great movies about rock.

Anonymous said...

european toys link is dead -- any chance of a reup?

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julio said...

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Anonymous said...

is the same band whose first album was called korea? den

Anonymous said...

is the same band whose first album was called korea? den

Anonymous said...

Dead link. Any chance you could re-up this?

Anonymous said...

i'd love to hear this, but the link is dead, and it hasn't appeared on any other blogs. might you be able to repost it?