Thursday, October 18, 2007

V/A: Signal to Noise Set

Here is one of my all-time favorite compilations. If you like 80s electropop, this is right up your alley. It was released in Australia in 1984 on Only a Revolution Records. Some of these bands released a few records (Nuvo Bloc, Informatics, Human Backs), but most pretty much went nowhere. For some reason the band Dono Detti got three songs on the album, while everyone else only got one. What's amazing is that almost every song is great. My personal favorites are "The Great X-1" by Informatics (pure electro dance goodness) and "Shackles and Chains" by Second Glance (a synthpop smash that could have been huge).

1. INFORMATICS - The Great X-1
2. MODERN JAZZ - Radio Scream
3. DONO DETTI - Man Unlimited
4. SECOND GLANCE - Shackles and Chains
6. SHANGHAI AU-GO-GO - Talk Back
7. DONO DETTI - Flesh and Steel
8. INTO THE EAST - I Stand Still
9. NUVO BLOC - Living Brigade
10. HUMAN BACKS - Frankenstein
11. DONO DETTI - Forbidden

Get it here:
Various Artists: Signal to Noise Set
1984, Only a Revolution Records, Australia


Anonymous said...

niceee thanks!

Anonymous said...

The band Donno Detti got 3 tracks on there because one of the members of this band was instrumental in making the record happen. He knew all the bands personally and organised this release. It sort of went like this..."Hey, I've organised with a UK record label to release a compilation album of all the local electronic bands I know of. Would you like to be on it?" Since he did the work, he thought his band should get 3 tracks on it. Rather unfair I think as Donno Detti were fairly crap but there you go. All the bands on the album were based in the Australian city of Melbourne at the time. There were quite a few other electronic bands around at the time that would have fitted perfectly onto this album but the said individual didn't like them personally so they weren't invited. The track by Software Seduction is loaded with lame guitars and should never have been included. The informatics track is fantastic. The Second Glance track if properly produced would have merited much bigger things. A great song indeed.

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Thanks for the post and good luck on your blog, Grant

goutroy said...

Thank you, anonymous, for the info!

sexy said...
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DJHDD said...

Thanks for this rare gem - now if I could only find Modern jazz - The Nude -

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