Monday, September 12, 2011

Modern Science: S/T 7”

I vaguely remember hearing a couple of these songs streaming online a while ago, but until now I have never seen it ripped for download. So when I found a cheap copy recently, I decided to remedy that. First of all, despite the cool and slightly creepy cover image, this is not a darkwave or goth record. It is pure, unapologetic synthpop. It uses 100% analog electronics, with simple drum machines and stabs and washes of synths. Before they were Modern Science, the band was known as The Odds, who apparently released a synthpunk single. I’d be interested in hearing that…

This record is definitely catchy as hell. I’m Not in Love is my favorite; it’s a straightforward two-minute synthpop burst. No One’s On the Street Tonight decent, although it has a somewhat ill-advised synth solo that betrays its nearly 30-year vintage.

If there was ever a minimal synth version of cheesy 80s movie montage music, Got to Be 1st would be it. Try listening to it and NOT envisioning a lost John Hughes movie in which a young, wimpy John Cusack runs laps and works out with unrelenting determination in an effort to win the heart of a girl who’s in love with the school track team champion (who’s a complete jackass to Cusack, of course).

Modern Science 7”

1982, S&M Records


I'm Not In Love



No One's On The Street Tonight



Gotta Be 1st

Click here to listen!


Anonymous said...

I like this :D Thank-you

Plastiquegal said...

Interesting one Phil. Don't you mean a scene in Breaking Away.... on that last track. haahaaaa :) SOrry we didn't see you while you were here :(. Ah Europa!

pay per head said...

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Cresh Wainright said...

You have iit all, especially the New Wave spirit in your writing, I laugh and laugh and enjoy yr evey word!! You know yr stuff! Thanks for a great site! I regularly visit your pages and virtually all your posts are bands unknown to me! Have a great Summer, glad your still up and running! Sincerely, William in NY