Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LAUGHTER IN THE GARDEN: Corridor of Statues EP

Sometimes bands can be comletely indecisive about which direction they want to go. They may release albums that have rock songs, rap songs, electro songs, and ballads, to the point where the whole affair is so incohesive and cumbersome that it feels more like a Wierd Al album than an attempt at a serious record.
Other times, however, a band may combine two or three disparate styles in an effort to create a completely unique sound. Take Laughter in the Garden, for example. Did this UK-based co-ed sextet want to be a dark electronic band? Maybe a twee pop band? Or perhaps they want to go in an Essential Logic post punk sax direction? Why not all three! Somehow, this band combines these styles beautifully. Each song is a mix of electronics, indiepop, and new wave. Thre are a few hiccups here and there, but overall the songs are wonderful.

Laughter in the Garden: A Corridor of Statues EP
1982?, Tea-Time Records
A1 Clutching at Straws
A2 Lost Cause
B1 Who Does
B2 One Day Tomorrow

Click here to download this record!


Anonymous said...

...i'm i the only one who preferred that one more than Actuel?
Lol,maybe i'm more weirdo than what i used to believe... ;-)

Thanks for all of your wonderful posts Goutroy!

Anonymous said...

This is great. They manage to do what you describe while writing great songs! Fantastic post, thank you very much!

adrien said...

Thank You! ?Never heard of them but I like it. the Actuel is good, too!

deWinters said...

I bought this LitG record first time round ... does that make me cool?

pharmacy said...

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merlin said...

Laughter in the Garden were formed in Southampton UK in 1982 and existed for 2 years.
They were a six-piece - Andy Wallace (guitar and vocals) Pauline Mayers (vocals and keyboards) Mark Cross (drums and vocals) Tom (bass) Victoria Doyle (sax) and Roselyn Journeaux (clarinet).
Both Victoria and Roselyn were just 16 and 5th formers at St Anne’s Convent, Southampton - a fact which caused a stir at the time.
L.I.T.G. recorded and released a 4 song 12” EP on vinyl in 1982 titled ‘Clutching at Straws’. Only 1000 copies were pressed and the record has subsequently become collectable. 100 copies had a printed lyric sheet. The songs were - Clutching at Straws, Lost Cause, Who does and One Day Tommorrow. All four tracks were played many times by John Peel and David ‘Kid’ Jensen in the summer of 1982 and subsequently the band recorded a session at BBC Maida Vale which was aired twice on Jensen’s show in the Autumn.
One of the tracks - ‘Desperate Remedies’ was the shortest song ever recorded for a BBC session.
The band were popular live, playing at venues such as Bath Mole’s and The Joiner’s Arms, Southampton and they were quickly signed by Satril Record who released one single ‘Clutch Tight’ in 1983. The single was immediately banned by the BBC after Tony Blackburn objected to the cover photograph.
The band appeared three times on TV - a local BBC Children’s show, a BBC documentary following the band and a live performance on ITV’s pop show ‘DJ’.
The band split around 1984.

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Anonymous said...

The bbc show was called Hey look that's me. The presenter went round in this weird little caravan. Used to love it and i remember this band being feature a couple of times.